Turning Challenges into Sustainable Opportunities

Development of packaging waste management simulators

The promotion of a circular economy, the decarbonisation of waste management and the efficient use of resources set the tone for the SimRecicla project development, promoted by Tratolixo – Tratamento de Resíduos Sólidos, in collaboration with 3drivers and Instituto Superior Técnico.

Three simulators were developed based on the detailed characterisation of processes and technologies for the production, processing and recycling of packaging waste.
– Where do I put my packaging? – that calculates the impact of packaging waste sorting and disposal practices;
– I want to improve the packaging recyclability – that calculates the impact of the production options, materials and components adopted;
– I want to optimise a sorting line – that calculates the recovery of materials in a packaging sorting line, according to the sequencing of different operations and equipment.

Key numbers







Types of package


Packaging ecodesign criteria


Screening processes


  • "The SimRecicla project is an innovative and, without a doubt, useful solution, which brings recycling closer to citizens, while promoting waste management and the efficient use of resources. Therefore, right from the start, SPV decided to support this project, believing in its impact and success within the community."

    Ana Trigo Morais

    CEO at Sociedade Ponto Verde