Creating a more sustainable future

Driven by mobility

As urbanisation grows and environmental concerns increase, new mobility solutions emerge to enhance quality of life, support a thriving economy, and significantly contribute towards energy transition.

The sector faces increasing challenges such as inefficiencies, congestion, emissions, and high costs, highlighting the urgent need to develop more convenient, safer, and more cost-effective mobility options with reduced environmental impact.

This gives rise to an era of innovation marked by the emergence of smart solutions that optimise urban traffic, promoting the use of public transport in coordination with alternative solutions. The future lies in a sustainability-centred mobility system that is more efficient and managed in a digital and decentralised manner.

Key numbers

+10 000 km


+800 km


+100 km

Urban transport infrastructure


Our services are based on the concept of Total Design, which takes a holistic approach to projects by considering their needs and impacts, ensuring that the infrastructure enables a more sustainable future for the communities affected.

In addition to its role in connecting people and goods and promoting economic development, mobility plays a crucial part in decarbonising and reducing the ecological footprint , contributing towards sustainability.

We offer a full spectrum of services across all stages of infrastructure development, including planning, feasibility studies and determination of CAPEX/OPEX, design, procurement, construction supervision, operation, maintenance, and consultancy. We help our clients with a comprehensive approach to identifying red flags, optimising solutions, and managing risks associated with transportation infrastructure.

"Mobility will pave the way to a swift energy transition, providing better public transportation, fewer emissions, more safety and sustainable urbanisation for future generations.”

Tiago Costa

Head of Mobility

Our experience

  • Railway – Greenfield and Brownfield Projects
  • Metro and Subway – Greenfield and Brownfield Projects
  • Highway – Greenfield and Brownfield Projects
  • Airports – Greenfield and Brownfield Projects
  • Ports – Greenfield and Brownfield Projects