Faro Airport preparing for the future

Faro Airport Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Ecoprogresso, in consortium with Quadrante, developed the Faro Airport Climate Change Adaptation Study for ANA Aeroportos de Portugal.

The aim is to increase the resilience of this infrastructure to climate-related risks, protecting and guaranteeing the continuity of airport operations.

For this project, the Climate Change Adaptation Plan’s definition began by identifying the risks and vulnerabilities to which the airport infrastructure is or may be exposed. It is important to achieve greater resilience and viability to continue operations in the airport sector in a sustained and conscious way.

Key numbers



Adapt to climate change

27 actions

Water consumption from ApR


Water level monitoring points



Ecoprogresso, a specialist in Environment and Sustainability, was responsible for the overall work coordination, with experience in implementing Climate Change Adaptation Plans and strong knowledge of airport infrastructure operations and activities. Quadrante, with its strong know-how in engineering combined with the environment, will guarantee the creation of measures and the respective implementation plan.

  • "Quadrante demonstrated a high level of professionalism and dedication throughout the project. Their innovative and collaborative approach enabled us to develop a climate change adaptation plan that safeguards the future of Faro Airport."

    Andreia Ramos

    Director of Sustainability and Environment - ANA Aeroportos