Sustainable Cities

Designing spaces that improve lives

A reality under construction

Cities, like living organisms, adapt over time to the challenges of their inhabitants. Our mission, applied to the development of urban spaces, infrastructures, and buildings, ensures that Quadrante adds value to our clients and to society as a whole.

With this purpose, it is urgent to think about cities in a different way, where innovation and economic factors, social and ecological aspects in urban environments are prioritised. Our multidisciplinary team ensures that this vision is fully realised in our clients’ projects.

We are totally committed to creating harmonious and sustainable urban environments that are accessible, equitable and prepared for change and designed for the future.

Key numbers

+10 million

People with access to drinking water

+7 million

People with sanitation systems

+3.2 million

Hectares of irrigated area

+15 million

People living in resilient environments

+400 MW

Energy production through small hydroelectric plants


CO2 emissions prevented


At Quadrante, we turn our clients’ vision into reality, integrating Building Consultancy and Design services with a focus on sustainable solutions along with choosing the best technology to ensure more efficient options in the asset operation phase.

Our Sustainability Certification services help clients to design their strategy, while our Sustainability and Circular Economy Consultancy makes it possible to reduce the environmental impact of operations, optimise resource usage and promote a sustainable life ycle for products and services. We recognise the vital importance of water resources and we offer consultancy and design services for water utilities and resources, with a commitment to developing systems that meet people’s current needs and guarantee their future viability.

At city level, we support our clients to create solutions, providing consultancy and design services for land occupation and urban infrastructure, with a functional design and accessible spaces, with optimised responses in line with the principles of sustainable development.

"At Quadrante, we work every day to be different from our peers, raising the bar and the services’ scope we provide to our clients, and so it is with great pride that I see that our Sustainable Cities team currently has no equal in our market."

João Costa

Head of Sustainable Cities Business Sector

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